6 ways to help you Live Your Truth And Create Freedom In Your Life
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You'll learn about tools to help you:
  • Dig into your OWN soul and let go of external noise clouding your vision 
  • ​Pick yourself up off the ground faster if you've had a series of events that keep slamming you to the ground
  • ​Stop worrying about being judged and create the life you desire
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Hi, I'm Natalie Viglione, I spent 17 years working for enterprise companies, to smaller startups in corporate marketing and sales/business development roles. I worked my way up the ranks to the Vice President level in the ad/marketing agency world of Manhattan (Fifth Ave style) by the time I was in my early 30's. I had a fat paycheck, living in New York City (coming from a SUPER small town in Nevada), all seemed so "perfect." 

Truth be told, I just didn't feel like I was going in the direction I was supposed to. At 38, I realized that I needed  to create a different path for me and turned entrepreneur. I figured it was worth a shot! 

Now I'm climbing a different kind of ranks. I'm building my OWN revenue pipeline, consciously creating my life and business, and pushing my PURPOSE into the world! YES, YES, and more YES! But, it ain't easy!!!

I know what it feels like to leave (or WANT to leave) that corporate gig and get out into the world and CREATE YOUR VISION! And feel like it can't happen fast enough.

I know what's it's like to get clouded and listen to OTHER people and societal pressures and feel as though the REAL YOU is dying inside.  

The power of BEING EMPOWERED by others that can help you grow your dream is priceless! I got a swift kick in the booty at the right time on my journey. Now I am bringing that kind of "kick in the butt" strategy to the world to fulfill my purpose and serve others, all the while serving me too!  

Download this free eBook and learn how you can use my simple tips to create from YOUR own soul and listen less to the noise OUT THERE! 

I hope this eBook helps you and can't wait to hear how the switch of perspective helps change your trajectory, even in the slightest bit! - All Rights Reserved | Copyright 2019